Read this to generate your own opimion on conversational hypnosis

I want you to free yourself to generate your own opinion. When you begin to treat information you are getting from these sources – the media, the government, advertising in particular, actually even films and books that you read
– with just a little scepticism, you get to choose whether you want to believe this message or not from You get to choose whether it’s part of your life, or not.

The three things you need to know when learning conversational hypnosis!

1. First, is an attitude and state of mind.

2. Secondly, is the use of hypnotic principles when choosing your words and framing your ideas.

3. And third, is a congruent performance – that is to say your mind, your body language, your tonality, and what you say – everything must come together at one and the same point.

Over the course of our 12-CD audio programme, you’ll learn everything you’ll need to know in order to be able to do this, on your own, in any setting.

Now, in the rest of this CD, we’ll be looking at how the whole course has been structured; how each CD has flow of information designed for your ideal and best learning experience.

Then, we’ll look at the actual content that you’ll be learning over the course of these 12 CDs.

Next, you’ll discover what hypnosis is not. And finally, what hypnosis is. We’ll then reveal what the 4-stage protocol is, so you already have a clear idea inside your mind, of what you want to achieve.

Then we’ll have some examples of the kind of things you’ll be capable of at the end of this programme.

Now, let me just say straight upfront: Some of these examples may look or sound a little bit complicated right now. And that’s okay. You haven’t taken the training yet. This is just to whet your appetite as to the kind of things you’ll be able to do when you study over at the Academy Of Hypnotherapy.

Finally, we’re going to give you some exercises. So, right from the very beginning, at the end of this very CD, you can begin the process of learning Conversational Hypnosis all for yourself.

Now I’d like to talk to you a little about how this CD programme is actually structured. In a moment we’ll actually be looking at the content of each of the CDs. But that’s for the next session. In this session, I want you to focus your mind on how you’ll be learning – how the information has been packaged for your learning ease.

Well, the first thing we’ve decided to do is to look at hypnosis, or Conversational Hypnosis, as a series of topics that you can master one by one. That way you can have skills that you build up over time. So, on each CD you’ll find a certain topic, or range of topics that we’ll address, bit by bit, in order for you to grow your own skills.

These topics will include things like inductions, conversational inductions, the foundations for hypnotic language, and trance processes you can use for influence and persuasion. Now, when you drill down into each CD, you’ll find a
similar structure flowing throughout, which will make it more convenient for you to learn, and for you to understand the information that’s coming your way.

First of all, we’ll start with a general discussion of principles involved with that particular topic, so that your mind can actually begin to acclimatize and understand what it is you are trying to achieve, and what you’re aiming for.

What is the 100% Success Method?

When it comes to SEO and Internet Marketing in general, I firmly believe that 99.9% of the time the main reason why people aren’t finding the success they want and the success they deserve is because they are choosing the wrong niches.

You need the RIGHT niche.

So right now I want to show you how I go about finding profitable niches that are almost guaranteed to make me money.

Finding a profitable niche and finding the correct keywords are by far two of the most important things that will determine if you are successful or not.

And as long as you find a niche that is hungry then just give them what they want then you will always make a profit.

This is one hundred times easier than spending months creating a product and then trying to convince people that they want it.

For example, let’s say you have a burger van and you pull up at a holiday camp full of 100 vegetarians, well unless you’ve got yourself some veggie burgers you’re not very likely to have any customers.

But I’m willing to bet if those same one hundred people are stranded on a desert island somewhere with nothing to eat but coconuts for the last six months and then you show up in your burger van then you can guarantee that you’d have some takers.

Well according to it’s the exact same thing with starting a business online.

As long as you find a hungry niche then you will always have success.

For example, if you go to the Google Keyword Planner.

It shows you that right now 14,800 people are searching for the keyword “Buy YouTube Views” each and every month.

14,800 people searching for a “buyer” keyword…

Don’t you think that if you show these same 14,800 people your website that sells YouTube views then you’ll have an easy time making sales?

You’re damn right you would!

So then all you need to do is find a product that you can be an affiliate to… Job done… Profitable niche found!

The 100% Success Method

So, the point here is that you’re first step should always be to find a hungry niche before you even think about doing anything else.

Now watch this video below that I have prepared all about finding a profitable niche.